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With a paperless administration platform, directors can securely view meetings and documents, online or offline from any location. Papers for multiple boards can be securely segregated in one application, for effective management of communication between board members.


Your industry leading meeting and document collaboration solution that transforms directors’ devices into highly secure digital board and meeting packs



Annotation Tools
(e.g. notes, bookmarks, signatures etc.)
Fully Customisable
& Multilingual
(En, Ge, Ru, Sp, Ch)
Agenda Lists
Enhanced Security
(e.g. configurable password policies & data encryption)
Benefits for Directors
  • Fully support board resolutions
  • Quickly and confidentially records votes in both online or offline mode
  • Summary of votes available for individual resolutions

No more bulky board and meeting packs, late deliveries, or lost and stolen documents


Promotes Simplified Meeting & Document Management
  • Create, edit, publish, archive and delete
  • Review statuses, update and chase overdue actions easily
  • Print and email restrictions for individuals or the entire Board
  • Quickly approve or disallow device access
  • Create and manage Reading Rooms (digital document sharing area)
  • Documents are delivered instantly, including last-minute changes.

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